Weekly Action Recommendations: Week of June 18, 2017

This is only a partial list of actions which might be taken this week to defend ethical government. For more ideas, you might visit For more ideas, you might visit 5calls.orgactionalliance.co/, or roganslist.blogspot.com/.

Action:  World Refugee Day is on June 20th.  Consider participating in MWEG’s social media event by sharing your own experiences interacting with refugees using #strangersnomore.

Action: The Trump administration has indicted it only wants to send refugees to communities who will welcome them.  In conjunction with World Refugee Day, contact your local and state leaders to tell them you support refugees in your community and work with them to make your community a welcoming place for refugees and immigrants.

Action: The Senate is holding hearings as a larger than usual number of judicial vacancies need to be filled (see the list of nominations here and the schedule here). If you are concerned by the past writings and opinions of these nominees, please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Action: June is Immigrant Heritage Month. I Am An Immigrant is sponsoring many events around the US to celebrate and educate.  Check it out!

Action: Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy found a compassionate way to talk about the Congressional baseball practice shootings without forgetting the need for better gun control. Call your own MoC to be a voice against the notion that we need more guns. We can also thank Senator Murphy for being a stalwart advocate on many fronts.  Send him a postcard at 136 Hart SOB, Washington, DC 20510 (from Rogan’s List).