Weekly Action Recommendations: Week of May 21, 2017

This is only a partial list of actions which might be taken this week to defend ethical government. For more ideas, you might visit For more ideas, you might visit 5calls.orgactionalliance.co/, or roganslist.blogspot.com/.


Action: Oppose immigration bills in the House Judiciary Committee.

On May 23rd, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on three immigration bills which would have major impacts on immigration policy in the US.

“The Davis-Oliver Act would substantially increase the capabilities of federal and local immigration enforcement, including empowering state and local law enforcement to enact their own immigration laws and penalties. It also would give the government powers to revoke visas, beef up Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s ability to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants, increase criminal penalties for undocumented immigrants and punish sanctuary jurisdictions.” http://edition.cnn.com/2017/05/18/politics/immigration-bill-house-committee/
Call the House Judiciary Committee to tell them you oppose these new measures  +1 202-225-3951


Action:  Oppose the appointment of Joe Lieberman as FBI Director.

Joe Lieberman is reported to be the top choice for FBI director.  He is Senior Counsel the law firm, Kasowitz Benson Torres and Friedman. “The firm has represented Trump in matters for years. Last October, Marc Kasowitz, a partner at the firm, threatened The New York Times with legal action after the newspaper published pages from Trump’s 1995 income tax return.” http://www.newsweek.com/fbi-director-joe-lieberman-trump-kasowitz-611182
Call your three MoCs (lookup or leave message) to tell them you oppose Liberman as FBI Director because of this conflict of interest.


Action: Oppose excessive, ineffective, expensive, and discriminatory sentencing of low-level drug offenders.

Submit a comment at https://www.justice.gov/contact-us.
Script: I oppose Sessions’ ineffective, expensive policies to penalize low-level drug offenders. He is wasting taxpayer money on stricter sentencing that doesn’t deter drug offenders. I am calling on the Justice Department to rescind Session’s memo immediately and create fiscally-responsible alternatives.


Action: Advocate for kids’ rights to a quality public education.

Call your three MoCs (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from [your zip code] concerned about public education in the upcoming budget. I am calling to let [your MoC] know I want three things:

  1. That no taxpayer money funds any religious education.
  2. That we honor all agreements to students working off loans in service programs.
  3. And that we increase funding to high-poverty schools and after-school programs. Thanks!


Action: Send a postcard.

Nestor is a 27-year-old DREAMer who has been at Stewart Detention Center in Georgia for nine months. Originally from South Carolina, he was full of life, a 5K runner, and a college graduate with honors. Now he is in medical detention, feeling lonely and scared. Nestor’s loving parents are not able to visit. While he awaits news about his health and his future in the US, let Nestor know he matters with a kind, colorful, encouraging, or funny postcard. (No money or gifts. Just hugs via mail.)
Nestor Daniel Avila Miranda
A# 204-631-097
P.O. Box 248
Lumpkin, GA 31815