Weekly Action Recommendations: Week of April 9, 2017

This is only a partial list of actions which might be taken this week to defend ethical government. For more ideas, you might visit For more ideas, you might visit 5calls.org, actionalliance.co/, or roganslist.blogspot.com/.

  • Support the Syrian people. (Thank you, Alicia Crowley Alba for collecting much of this information!) First, this explains the groups involved in the war in Syria: https://www.facebook.com/ezraklein/videos/676576025863336/Here is a good summary of the current needs that Syrian refugees have as a result of the gas attack in Syria. The ethics surrounding the US military response are complicated, but the ethics of our humanitarian response as reflected in how many refugees we let into our country are much simpler. We need to do more.
    • Every week, hundreds of babies are born in refugee camps in Idlib, Syria. Mothers have been forced to leave their homes, often with only the items they can carry and clothes on their backs, leaving them without even the most basic necessities to care for a newborn. Help deliver a “Parcel of Love” to 1,500 Syrian babies born in refugee camps. Each will be filled with baby essentials: baby formula, warm clothing and blankets, healthcare items, and a packable bassinet for the baby to sleep in.
    • Donate to organizations who are working directly with the victims:  1) The White Helmets, 2) Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS): 3) Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, 4) Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), and 5) Preemptive Love.  More about the attack here. In addition, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) assists education and medical workers on the ground, as well as provide food and other necessary assistance.
    • Call your representatives. Ask that we give asylum to Syrian refugees. We need to #LetThemInhttp://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/regional.php   5Calls has a more information and script here: https://5calls.org/issue/recJelSda7trqff5W.  Or use this: Possible Script: Hi. I am one of your constituents from [ZIP], and I am very concerned about the crisis on Syria. I want [my leader] to encourage US policy that will increase the number of refugees we accept to this country. This crisis is of unprecedented proportion, and I believe our response should be greater. Our vetting process is successful, and I believe we have the capacity to do more.”
    • If Trump is serious about protecting victims of Syria’s civil war, he should rescind his refugee and Muslim ban and ensure that Syrian refugees continue to be welcomed in the United States. Call the White House comment line: 202-456-1111 or snail mail him: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 or tweet him: @realDonaldTrump
  • Don’t lose sight of Trump-Russia. Push for an independent investigation of 45’s ties to Russia. 
    • Call your Senators and ask them to support S. 27. Possible Script: Hi! I’m from _ZIP_ and would like to know what _NAME_ is doing to push for an independent investigation of the Russia scandal. (If you get a non-answer:) The FBI’s plans to merge the investigation isn’t enough. We need an independent commission. When will _NAME_ co sign Senate bill 27?
    • Involve your local press using instructions at Wall-of-Us.
  • Teresa’s deportation hit many of us at the core. Let’s continue to pressure our MoCs to oppose mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.  For one, a policy of mass deportation would reduce U.S. GDP by $4.7 trillion over 10 years.  (Scan the linked article for more talking points!)  In addition, Teresa’s case and many others show that Trump’s promise to focus on “priority cases” (“bad hombres”) rings hollow, and the ICE’s new priorities mean going for the low-hanging fruit, the people who have been working with the system.
  • Congress heads out this week on its two week spring recess.  This may mean that your MoCs are having Town Halls.  Indivisible published Making the Most of April Recess: Five Policy Priorities. Center for American Progress just released its Recess Toolkit, and Policy Working Groups put out weekly summaries, including questions to ask your Members of Congress. Find an issue you care about and take your questions to the next town hall.  Find the town halls near you by checking the RISE People’s Calendar or Town Hall Project.
  • We still need to know conflicts of interest.
    • Take part in the April 15 Tax March this Saturday. With 43 states and five countries already signed up, the April 15th Tax March is shaping up to be the largest nationwide protest since the January 21 Women’s March on Washington.  More information here: taxmarch.org,
    • Call your MoCs to demand a vote on legislation requiring POTUS tax disclosure. More information and a script about the bipartisan House (HR 305) and Senate (S 26) bills can be found here.
  • Protest Jared Kushner’s dishonesty.
    • Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111. Possible Script: To receive a security clearance, Jared Kushner had a responsibility to report seven years of meetings with foreign officials. He lied by omission by not including recent meetings with a Russian bank owner and Russian ambassador. His security clearance should be revoked, and he should step down from his role in the White House. Americans will not tolerate dishonesty.
    • Bonus action: Call your MoCs using the same script (lookup).
  • A summary of science and tech in the Trump administration last week is here. Want five quick things you can do to take action over the next two weeks? Here you go:
  1. Ask your MoCs their opinion on Trump’s environmental actions and let them know that you want them to vote for strong support for scientific programming.
  2. Thank the Republican representatives who joined Democrats in voting NO on the misnamed“HONEST” Act: Ryan Costello (PA), Carlos Curbelo (FL), John Faso (NY), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Mark Sanford (SC), and Elise Stefanik (NY).  More information, script:  https://5calls.org/issue/rec1xzyWmbiGgyxNK
  3. The “HONEST” Act and the Science Advisory Board Reform Act are now in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Is your senator on the committee? If so please contact them and let them know these two acts cannot become law. See the list of committee membershere.
  4. Ask your representative to join the bipartisanClimate Solutions Caucus, which will explore policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate. The caucus was founded in February of 2016 by two south-Florida representatives, Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) and Ted Deutch (D-FL), who serve as co-chairs of the caucus.
  5. Joseph Kopser, an aerospace scientist, tech company CEO and former Army Ranger, is considering a run for Congress Texas’ 21st District, the seat currently held by Republican Lamar Smith, chair of the House Science Committee. Consider pledging your supporthere.