Inviolable Principles and Practices of

Mormon Women for Ethical Government

The foundational principles and practices of MWEG that must be preserved in order to protect the purity and the integrity of the organization's vision and mission include:

  1. The Six Principles of Peacemaking
  2. The Four Core Attributes (Faithful. Nonpartisan. Peaceful. Proactive.)
    1. As a function of Faithful, MWEG will never oppose a stand taken by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nor will we criticize the Church or Church leadership1. We also recognize God’s hand in the formation of MWEG and continue to seek God’s guidance in all we do. We believe in, exercise faith in, and seek to reflect in our own lives the example of Jesus Christ.
    2. As a function of Nonpartisan, we will abide by the MWEG   and will continue to remain open to members of all political parties who are willing to abide by our basic principles and guidelines. We will not ever endorse political candidates or take overtly partisan stands. In MWEG, we are defined not by labels, but by our common commitment to ethics.
    3. As a function of Peaceful, we will strive to abide by the Six Principles of Peacemaking and will remain absolutely committed to civility in the true sense of the word—not mere politeness, but a deep and genuine honor and respect for every other human being that emerges from an acknowledgement that we are all children of the same God and, hence, sisters and brothers. We are committed to elevating the level of public discourse and healing the divide, and will not countenance ad hominem attacks or vitriol of any kind.
    4. As a function of Proactive, we assert that our purpose is to take effective action after appropriate and prayerful discussion, research, and strategizing. We were established to be both watchdogs and activists for ethical government.
  3. Our focus on ethics and the use of “for Ethical Government” in our name.
  4. Our observation of the Sabbath by closing normal operations.
  5. The MWEG tree and our commitment to a cooperative, synergistic organizational model.
  6. The women-only membership model, as permitted by law. MWEG is committed to being a space for the schooling, growth, and development of God’s daughters.


If you are a registered MWEG member and have concerns that one or more of these principles are not being observed, we would like to hear from you. Your request for review will be submitted directly to the MWEG root directors who oversee our four core attributes: Faithful, Nonpartisan, Peaceful, and Proactive. 


1. This does not mean that MWEG will necessarily advocate for every stand taken by the Church in relation to political issues. MWEG reserves the right not to engage on issues that are likely to cause dissension among its members (as we have done with the issues of abortion and gay marriage).↩


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