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Letter: Where misinformation rises, democracy falls

As COVID-19 slowly developed into a pandemic, the World Health Organization also announced that the virus brought an "infodemic" of misinformation. In the 2016 election, and for several years since President Trump's election, the words "fake news" have proliferated in the media.

Group gathers to thank Romney for his decision in impeachment process

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) - A group gathered on the south steps of the Utah Capitol Building on Friday to thank Utah Senator Mitt Romney for his role in the 2020 presidential impeachment process. The rally, which was co-sponsored by Mormon Women for Ethical Government, included a celebratory chocolate milk toast to, according to the group, "commemorate Romney's courage..."

Romney gets warm welcome in meetings with Utah's Republican, Democratic legislators

SALT LAKE CITY - Several weeks after his lone Republican vote to convict President Donald Trump for abuse of power, Sen. Mitt Romney visited with lawmakers at Utah's Capitol on Friday in caucuses that stayed pleasant and noncontentious. Romney was met with applause in the Republican and Democratic caucuses he visited.

Opinion | Why I Became an Activist Against Fear

With Donald Trump's election, I knew I could not remain silent. By Ms. Glenn is a writer and activist. SALT LAKE CITY - On May 3, 2017, I found myself in an unusual position: standing before the office of the Department of Homeland Security here, bullhorn in hand, leading a prayer vigil for a young mother.

How Romney and Pelosi used their faith to resist Trump - Religion News Service

(RNS) - Two events last week illustrated sharply how expressions of faith are being used in the public sphere. On the floor of the Senate, Senator Mitt Romney framed his impeachment vote in the language of religious devotion, citing his oath "before God to apply impartial justice as a Senate juror."

Republican groups issue video supporting Romney's impeachment vote

The group Mormon Women for Ethical Government - sometimes called MWEG - support Sen. Mitt Romney's words and vote in the recent impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. It was produced in collaboration with group Republicans for the Rule of Law. In the video four women, self-declared Utah Republicans, thank Romney for his vote.

Mitt Romney: Some call him a patriot, others a traitor

SALT LAKE CITY - One Republican group considers Sen. Mitt Romney a patriot, while a conservative organization wants him recalled and Donald Trump Jr. wants him drummed out of the GOP. Fallout for his vote to convict President Donald Trump of abuse of power continues to rain down on the freshman senator.

Trump's prayer breakfast jibes jolt many faith leaders

The National Prayer Breakfast - a Washington tradition since 1953 - is by custom a respite from partisan bickering. President Donald Trump shattered that tradition Thursday with aggressive remarks that buoyed his allies but dismayed a wide spectrum of faith leaders. "A bipartisan prayer breakfast is

Wendy Dennehy and Lisa Rampton Halverson: Politicians are not going to save us from corruption

Today, while a majority of the U.S. Senate voted to acquit Donald J. Trump of both articles of impeachment presented by the House, Sen. Mitt Romney stood courageously in defense of ethical government voting to convict. He honored his solemn duty to put country over party.

Got chocolate milk? Sen. Mitt Romney has more thanks to women's group

SALT LAKE CITY - Got chocolate milk? Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has more of the "guilty pleasure" that got him into trouble on the Senate floor along with mint brownies courtesy of Mormon Women for Ethical Government.

Emily Taylor: Romney should stand for a fair impeachment trial

I'm a Romney Republican. In fact, Sen. Mitt Romney and I have a lot in common. Like the senator, I've been a Republican all my life, and I've even served as a state delegate and precinct chair. Like the senator, I love my family and I'm devoted to my faith.

Utahns call on Romney, Lee to support fair Senate impeachment trial

More than 100 Utahns gathered Tuesday to call on Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney to push for an "fair impeachment trial" for President Donald Trump. The demonstrators from a variety of progressive groups gathered in Salt Lake City, as hundreds of other activists rallied across the country.

BJ Cluff: Senators should take impeachment trial seriously

I recently watched the House impeachment proceedings with great interest. Utah's Rep. John Curtis challenged Utahns to watch on C-SPAN so we could avoid the "spin" that can come from various news sources. I thought this good advice.

Organizations call on Utah senators to ensure 'full and fair' impeachment trial

SALT LAKE CITY - About 70 people gathered outside the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building rallying for Utah senators to fight for a "full and fair" impeachment trial Thursday evening. Some waved signs while lining the street and unfurled American flags against the darkening sky.

Utah progressives and nonpartisan groups call for fair Senate impeachment trial during rally

About 100 Utahns and a coalition of mostly progressive groups gathered Thursday outside the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building in Salt Lake City to call on Utah Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee to "vote their conscience" and push for a fair and impartial Senate impeachment trial for President Donald Trump.

Holly Richardson: Women wanting to run for office can receive help

What is a progressive Fox News political analyst doing in Utah next Saturday? She's speaking to women in Utah thinking about running for political office, that's what. Jehmu Greene, the daughter of Liberian immigrants, calls herself an "Evangelist for Change" and has been active in politics for more than two decades.

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