Knowing your vote means knowing the logistics of voting, knowing about the issues that matter to you, and knowing how to find reliable sources of information -- and combat unreliable ones.

Principled Voter Toolkit
Voter Preparation
Know & Share Truth

Principled Voter Toolkit

Tips and tools to help you be a principled voter, and to help others do the same.

What is a principled voter? One who knows the problems affecting both themselves and others in our society, and votes in a way to work toward solutions to those problems.

Principled Voter Meme Series

How to Choose a Principled Leader

Principled Voter Yard Sign

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Voter Preparation

Election Central: voter registration, deadlines, polling locations, ballot info, and more. 

Voter Preparation Parties: All the resources you need to help friends and neighbors know what's on their ballot and be ready to vote.

Voter Checklist: make sure you're ready to vote, and help others get ready too.

Know & Share Truth

Resources for media literacy and reliable sourcing, like simple tips for spotting and handling misinformation and propaganda.

Media Literacy resources in the MWEG Library

Facebook Album: Recognizing and Stopping Misinformation memes

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Thank you for taking steps to Know Your Vote!

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