Knowing your vote means knowing the logistics of voting, knowing what's on your ballot, knowing about the issues that matter to you, and knowing how to find reliable sources of information and combat unreliable ones.

Principled Voter Toolkit
Voter Preparation
Know & Share Truth

Principled Voter Toolkit

Tips and tools to help you be a principled voter, and to help others do the same.

What is a principled voter? One who knows the problems affecting both themselves and others in our society, and votes in a way to work toward solutions to those problems.

Principled Voter Series

How to Choose a Principled Leader

Principled Voter Yard Sign

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Voter Preparation


Are you ready to vote? Check out these tools to help you make sure you're registered, know what's on your ballot, and can help friends and neighbors get ready, too! 


Voter Checklist: make sure you're ready to vote, and help others get ready too.

Voter Preparation Parties: All the resources you need to help friends and neighbors know what's on their ballot and be ready to vote.

Citizen Connect Election Participation Guide: voter registration, ballot information, and more!

Know & Share Truth

Resources for media literacy and reliable sourcing, like simple tips for spotting and handling misinformation and propaganda.

Media Literacy Toolkit in the MWEG Library

Instagram highlight of media literacy resources 

For more election resources, including voter registration, polling locations, ballot information, and more, visit Civic Genius's Election Participation Guide: 

Thank you for taking steps to Know Your Vote!

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