Proclaim Peace



The Book of Mormon for Peacemakers

Join us as we explore The Book of Mormon as a resource for peacemaking. We'll be talking with guest experts who share their insights on how we can all create peace in an increasingly contentious world.

Each episode, you’ll hear:

  • Takeaways from specific scripture passages and stories
  • Real-life applications and peacemaking tips
  • Actionable steps to build more peace in your life, relationships, and community


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Meet the Hosts

Jennifer Thomas
Co-Executive Director, MWEG
Patrick Mason
Professor, Utah State University

I appreciate this fresh take on applying lessons from the Book of Mormon to current issues. The podcast has me reflecting on my own situation, and has left me with lots to think about. Thanks for making this so relevant.

Leslie, MWEG member

Continue Building Your Peacemaking Skills

MWEG has a variety of resources — lessons, handouts, videos, and more — to help you apply the principles of peacemaking to your life.

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